Live music review: Griever at The Anvil

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Once again, The Anvil setlist was reduced to three on account of This Deafening Whisper’s as yet undisclosed reasons for withdrawing from the tour. This did not dent what was a positive and romping victory for the Bournemouth music scene.

Make reference of Deference. This was the Southampton metal-band’s second outing at The Anvil in as many months and they continued as they left it: remarkably. On the free release of their debut E.P. “XXXVII”, they set the precedent for the night. A faultless opening effort with trademark tracks, characteristic from one to another which tends to be a common Achilles heel for bands within this genre.

But for all the watertight vocals, slick guitar riffs and precise drumming, there was the expected crowd hesitancy that comes by-product of an unfamiliar name. Not for the want of trying though, as they seemed to throw all the lifeblood they had into their set too.

Their perseverance was rewarded as the final few tracks motivated some crowd movement; the barometer for a well-received show. A commanding performance that any opening band could be proud of. The standout track was Become Death: a colossal and nerve-striking number.

Saint[the]Sinner can boast glowing reviews from music powerhouses Kerrang! And Rocksound. They are making echoes in the music scene and there is evidence to support why. The dual-vocalist six piece offer an electronic take on post-hardcore. They may not be the tidiest in their performance, but their stage presence and crowd interaction justifies your attention.

They started the set somewhat in their shells but broke into more confident strides particularly upon the introduction of guest vocalist David Seymour half-way through their set in Dream Cause Effect. The Griever frontman spearheaded the three-man tirade in what was the pick of the bunch from the set.

Griever performed an awe-inspiring and consuming performance. These hometown heroes are the pride of the current Bournemouth music scene. It was a melee from start to finish, swarms of limbs began to surface straight from the first note in a sweaty and intimate encounter. Track after track demanded more from the crowd.

There was a pinpoint drum-solo from recently recruited Lewis Littlefield, there was a man sliding sterling notes underneath the guitarists’ strings and there was a genuine togetherness in the battlefield. The band themselves culminate strong vocals on top of melodic and compounding musicians. This was a phenomenal testament that Griever will be a rising force in the U.K metalcore scene.

Such so that it has earned them the attention of Phatta Sounds Promotions. They have been taken under their wing to cut their teeth on the U.K. and European touring scene. Reflecting with an exhausted David Seymour, he said: “It was absolutely mad, my mind is blown, I can’t even talk it was that good”.

The frontman continued: “I obviously had expectations being Bournemouth, our hometown, but I didn’t expect it to be that packed, that many people singing along, going hard, that is the dream and what it’s all about”.

Keeping cards slightly close to his chest, he revealed the metalcore act have completed three of six songs for their upcoming, and as yet unnamed, EP.

They now head to Canterbury tomorrow before venturing to Europe on a “working holiday”. When they return, they’ll be putting the final touches to their follow up to their first release, Rebirthing.



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