Use SPF when exercising outdoors

We’ve all been cooped up inside – apart from Dominic Cummings – so getting out and about and exercising this summer requires some effort. Not just motivation – preparation, preparation, preparation.

If like me you rely on your foundation for SPF protection, you may get caught out. After all, why put on make up when you are not seeing anyone? It’s also a depression thing. What’s the point?

Here’s the point. Not just sunburn but ageing and risk of illness.

So make SPF part of your daily routine whether you plan to run 1km or just walk to the corner shop. Your future self will thank you.

I recommend Green People for all over protection. Many sun protection formulations are merely based on a blend of water and UV filters. Green People uses soothing organic Aloe Vera at its core, boasting around 200 biological actives including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, super antioxidants and essential amino acids, helping to create the hydrating skin feel of these natural sun lotions. I also have an aloe vera plant on my bedroom windowsill, to purify the air.

A poll by OnBuy.com showed that 67% of Brits do not apply SPF to their skin in prep for their daily outside exercise. What’s more, the British Skin Foundation estimates there are 100,000 new cases of skin cancer each year.

To help Brits stay safe when taking their daily outside exercise, Golfsupport obtained expert advice from personal trainer Sana Shirvani on how to prepare for working out in the sun.

She shared the following tips:

WEAR SUNSCREEN: Make sure you are applying 30 SPF sunblock every time you head out to work out. It doesn’t matter whether there are blue skies, it’s overcast, or raining, you are still exposed to high doses of UV light. According to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, regular sunscreen use decreased the incidence of melanoma by 50-73% in study participants. Different formulas will last for different amounts of time, the general rule is to reapply every two hours, but when working out you should do it more frequently due to sweating.

AVOID PEAK HOURS: The sun is closer to the horizon before 10AM and after 2-4PM depending on where you are in the world. You want to avoid exercising in peak hours as this is when you’ll be exposed most and it will dehydrate you faster, especially if you’re trying to get healthy and build your fitness.

EAT & LIVE WELL: Increasing your immunological defences can also help safeguard your skin from damage. Schedule rest and recovery each week, get at least eight hours of sleep, and fuel up on antioxidants. Focus on eating a balanced diet that is very colourful. The more colours, the wider the array of damage-fighting antioxidants you’re getting. This will help with your skin and your recovery from exercise, so you are able to do more and get fitter.

CHECK YOURSELF: No matter how careful you are, check your body for new or changing moles every month, especially if you’re regularly out exercising, and visit a dermatologist once a year or more (depending on your personal risk level) for a skin-cancer screening. It’s never too early to have someone take a look at your skin. If all is well, great!

Furthermore, Golfsupport recommends you follow these more general tips to stay healthy when exercising in the heat:

KEEP HYDRATED: In the summer heat keeping yourself fully hydrated is arguably the most important part, so it’s crucial to take a drink with you and also remember that just because you don’t feel thirsty doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink!

DON’T OVER EXERT YOURSELF: It’s incredibly important to be aware of your level. If you try to do too much, especially in hot weather, you will end up causing yourself an injury.

STAY NEAR HOME: If something were to go wrong, like an injury or a sudden illness, you will want to be within a short distance of home, especially if it’s hot, as you will be exposed to the sun and heat for longer, making any injury or illness worse.


Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF 30 – £19.00 (50ml)

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Sun Lotion SPF 15 with Natural Tan Accelerator – £23.00 (200ml) / £15.00 (100ml) (Vegan Society Approved)

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Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF 30 (Scent Free) – £20.00 (150ml)

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