Photo: Magnum liqueur launches in the UK

Commenting on Magnum’s success in Canada and future global growth ambitions for the brand, Magnum Director, Lee Schofield, said: “We’re extremely proud that Magnum has established itself so quickly in Ontario. To reach this significant milestone for the brand, we needed to explore and secure sales opportunities with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which is a government entity and one of the largest alcohol buyers and retailers in the world. We secured the deal by being able to present Magnum’s unique features to a very discerning trade and consumer audience. 

“At Magnum our vision is uncompromising and our ambition is straightforward – to craft a radical, premium cream liqueur, one that contains the finest single malt Scotch whisky and only single malt. This vision has clearly struck a chord with the people of Ontario who have taken Magnum to their hearts and allowed us to engage with one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cream liqueur markets.

“We’re now setting our sights on growing distribution and volume in Ontario and plan to launch Magnum in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec within the year.”



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