Which festival has the best weather?

I don’t care what people say – bad weather can ruin a festival experience. That’s why I haven’t been to Glastonbury for years!

So a new report predicting the best places to party, weather wise, this summer was definitely of interest to me.

Information from the Festival Planner predicts that it is in fact East Anglia which will be blessed with the warmest average temperatures, during peak festival season between July and August.

Average temperatures Latitude in Suffolk and the Cambridge Folk Festival are set to get the mercury rising to 20.3 degrees Celsius over at Latitude, while Cambridge is expected to enjoy a baking 21.6 degrees Celsius.

But for those who can’t imagine a festival without the mud and the wellies, Download Festival in Derbyshire or the Green Man festival in Wales are probably for you with the two have the highest chance of rainfall at 40.2%.

Festival Planner list for best weather:

Cambridge Folk Festival – 21.6 degrees Celsius, 37.2% rain probability – cost £167
Latitude – 20.3 degrees Celsius, 34.8% rain probability – cost £197.50
Glastonbury – 19.5 degrees Celsius, 35.5% rain probability – cost: £238
V Festival – 18.5 degrees, 39% rain probability – cost £189
Reading Festival – 18.3 degrees Celsius, 35.8% rain probability – cost: £205
Isle of Wight Festival – 18.1 degrees Celsius, 35.1% rain probability – cost £195
Green Man 17.9 – degrees Celsius, 40.2% rain probability – cost £180
Bestival 17.6 – degrees Celsius, 32.7% rain probability – cost £175
Leeds Festival – 17.8 degrees Celsius, 39.8% rain probability – cost: £205
Download Festival – 16.4 degrees Celsius, rain probability 40.2% – cost £20

Fact file

Forecasts for the festivals have been predicted using temperature and rain forecasts from the past five years.

Weather data sourced from the Met Office.



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