What to pack for a festival

Festival tickets are expensive enough. So how do you prioritise your spending before, during and after? Forget the on site alcohol, there are some essential items you need for your comfort and wellbeing. And, with Glastonbury taking place this week, timely research from OnBuy.com reveals the items Brits are prioritising spending on for 2019 music festivals this summer.

Of course most Brits – three quarters – need to buy a tent. £34 is the average spe d. Top tip: get a padlock but keep valuables on you at all times. I’ve had a coolbox of cider go missing but I can

A tent (76%) is the item most music festivalgoers desire and £34 is the average amount they are willing to pay. Bear in mind flimsy tents suffer in bad weather – if you decide to throw one away after Glastonbury please clear the farm and show respect for the fields.

With the average spend of £15 on sleeping bags, pack a fluffy blanket, eye mask and lots of layers to keep you comfy overnight.

A torch (72%) is the item a lot of Brits will admittedly forget to pack – worth investing in for household emergencies! My Dad gifted me a brilliant torch when I first moved house. Ideal when you are on a meter for electricity and to check fuse boxes.

Embarrassingly, toilet paper/wet wipes will slip the mind of 38% of festivalgoers. Select an all in one sensitive wipe that can also be used for quick washes and removing festival make up and face paint. You can get great wipes for just £1 – I love the Halo range.

Statistics by ‘Events Are Great Britain’, show that £1.3 billion is the astonishing sum spent directly by festivalgoers.

Interested in consumer purchasing habits for music festivals, online marketplace OnBuy.com surveyed 1,428 Brits who are attending one or more music festivals this summer, to discover the ‘big’ items they are most likely to prioritise buying and how much on average they are looking to spend per given product.




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