Top 4 gift ideas for vapers

Whether you have a friend’s birthday coming up or just want to spontaneously treat them to something, the following are four unbeatable gift ideas that vapers will love.


C6EDDCB7-27F9-4281-A938-1A3679E34BB5-2475-000005E99FF889E7If there is one trait shared among all vapers, it is that they absolutely love trying new flavours. There are thousands of flavour combinations you can try out, which makes it hard to double up on what your friend’s already got in stock. Therefore, arrange a sample pack for your vaper pal (it is admissible to stick to 10 or 15ml bottles), and pick flavours that you think they would like.

You would perhaps want to stick to similar taste ranges (such as creamy or fruity) to what they already consume, or you can go wild by mixing the pack up with eccentric flavours that they may not necessarily have chosen to try out before. If you’re looking for a unique selection of flavours to try, I’d recommend you go and look at what the UK e liquid supplier vaperswarehouse.co.uk have in stock. From here, you can typically find anything from sweet to sour and even savoury.

If your friend happens to have only recently switched to vaping from smoking then assembling a pack of best-selling tobacco flavour vape juices would ideally mimic the taste and throat hit of the conventional smoking that your friend silently misses. You can take inspiration from the following two examples;
1. A strong tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness
2. A Turkish tobacco flavour with a smoothness of caramel and crème


Every vaper needs a quality case. Although not all vape pens are expensive, vapers don’t want to have to keep replacing it because it keeps getting damaged. If your fellow vaper is always breaking their device, buy them a portable carry case!

If they already have a case for their vape pen, you could look for other accessories such as a case for their batteries. There’s nothing worse than your device running out of battery when you’re away from home, so save them from having to go through this heartache by purchasing a battery case and stocking it with some spares.


If Indiana Jones were a vape user, he would have owned the Vault vaporiser kit. The Vault is an ode to those whose lives are exciting, demanding, and perhaps a tad stressful. If your best pal is an occupied entrepreneur or a small business owner who is always making trip after trip out of the workplace to have a quick smoke, this is the vape pen of choice.

It is because nerve-wracking business settings require a reliable yet adjustable vaporiser. For instance, with entrepreneur, your friend can turn up the power to escalate the throat hit to replicate the burn of a paper-rolled cigarette. Alternatively, the power can be notched down to compliment the end of the day’s proceedings. It is arguably the most attractive vaporiser on the market, with a shade of attitude and a splash of daring.


Every vaper knows that the next step up from a standard vape pen is a vape mod. This device isn’t for the faint of heart, as it adds some serious power to your vaping experience, but if you know a vaping-pro then this is a must have item. Vape mods have a much bigger battery which enhances the flavour of the vape and the amount of vapour produced. Two of the most recommended vape mods on the market currently are the GeekVape Aegis and the Innokin Cool Fire 4.



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