Think before you thank? New advice to not send emails seems ungratious

A poll to solve the climate crisis has concluded that more than 64million emails sent every day are ‘unnecessary’ as they contain one or two words – even if those words are “thank you”.

The extension from the Chrome Web Store (here) is called ‘Carbon Capper’

Each UK adult sending just one less ‘thank you’ email a day, would save over 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year – the same as 81,152 flights to Madrid or taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road.

The ‘Think before you thank’ campaign by OVO Energy aims to reduce carbon.

Mike Berners-Lee, researcher and author of ‘How Bad are Bananas’ and “There is no Planet B”, said: “Whilst the carbon footprint of an email isn’t huge, it’s a great illustration of the broader principle that cutting the waste out of our lives is good for our wellbeing and good for the environment. Every time we take a small step towards changing our behaviour, be that sending fewer emails or carrying a reusable coffee cup, we need to treat it as a reminder to ourselves and others that we care even more about the really big carbon decisions.”

Katie Russell Head of Data & Analytics at OVO Energy, said: “At OVO Energy we believe we can fight the climate crisis together, making everyday changes that cut carbon – whilst making life better. We want to show people how every action has a carbon impact, even a simple email. To fight the climate crisis, we need to change our behaviour at every level, and help people make a start with the easy first steps.”



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