Things to consider when building a new office

It doesn’t matter what size of business you own, a company’s office is the hub and heart of all business activity. While it’s essential that the design supports efficiency, motivation, and productivity for your employees, you also need to consider your customers and clients, and the impression they will get from your premises. This comes down to the quality of your facilities, the design, and aesthetics as well as the overall atmosphere. Whether you’re building your first office or are relocating, to get the best design for your office, there are several factors to consider which could make the project a success or a failure.

Where will you build your office?

Choosing a location for your new office will be at the top of your priority list as it needs to be easily accessible for employees, suppliers, and customers. It’s also a good idea to be as centrally located as possible or at least near a main road. Depending on your type of business and whether or not you can secure planning permission, you may be able to advertise to passers-by or traffic with signs or billboards.

Have you remembered the essentials?

Every office design needs to consider the practicalities of office life from the security system, IT, and phone networks to the kitchen facilities and the toilet cubicle provider for the restroom. Ensuring you have the best quality will not only make your staff more motivated and productive but will also show your clients you are a professional organisation which values their custom. The best way to get the right solution at a competitive price is to shop around and compare quotes.

What design is best for your company?

Whether you opt for sleek, contemporary and minimalist, natural and eco-friendly or a more quirky theme brimming with personality, the design you choose should reflect your branding wherever possible. For example, many offices are choosing flexible designs, which includes portable dividers and fold-away furniture, so the office space can be adapted to the day’s tasks. This can also be a less time-consuming way to construct. Alternatively, a company which markets itself as an eco-friendly brand may wish to use recycled office furniture.

Will you have enough space?

It may seem like an obvious statement, but you need to make sure that the office has enough space in it for all of your activities. Use a floorplan document to plan where specific people or teams will work in the office, what equipment and furniture they will need, and if they need any storage areas. When construction has begun, it will be more difficult to make changes, so the planning stage is essential.

Are there parking facilities?

If you have lots of staff and/or customers and clients will be visiting your offices regularly, you should endeavour to dedicate an area outside the office for car parking. While this may not seem like an essential aspect, it can have a big impact on the way your company is perceived in terms of delivering a higher quality of customer service and better facilities for prospective employees. When it’s convenient to do so, clients are more likely to visit your offices, which means less travel time and expenses for your staff and provides more opportunities to build stronger working relationships.



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