The Vegan Society range of Fudge Kitchen gifts for Christmas

Julie Black, National Account Manager for Suma Wholefoods said: “Fudge Kitchen have some fantastic new Vegan lines, that offer the perfect gift for family and friends. They have a range that offer gifts from stocking fillers to something more elaborate, or a treat just for yourself! Their range includes Fudge, Brittles and Making kits that offer a fantastic yummy solution to those with a sweet tooth!”

Fudge Kitchen has brought a new range of vegan-friendly gifts for Christmas. A total of 15 products have been officially accepted and registered with the Vegan Society, namely …

  • Dairy Free Drinking Fudge flavours … Pure indulgence in a sachet, made using soya cream, to be simply squeezed into your preferred dairy alternative, stirred and unashamedly enjoyed, either hot or cold; and available either in six sachet selection boxes, six sachet Build-a-Box self-selected or in a luxury gift caddy (below), containing 32 sachets (worth £64)
    • Chocolate Classic Drinking Fudge
    • Ginger Spice Drinking Fudge
    • Sea Salted Caramel Drinking Fudge
    • Chocolate Caramel Drinking Fudge
    • Chocolate Mint Drinking Fudge
    • Chocolate Orange Drinking Fudge

Six sachet selections: 210g | RRP: £10 (plus P&P)

32 sachet Caddy weight: 1120g | RRP: £38 (plus P&P)

  • Mug of Fudge Gift Set … a branded ceramic mug with marshmallows and two sachets of Drinking Fudge, which can be selected from the six-strong, vegan friendly line-up

Weight: 85g | RRP: £12 (plus P&P)

  • Vegan friendly Brittles … handmade in small batches and hand stretched for 15 minutes for the perfect snap before being packed with crisp nuts or seeds:
    • Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Brittle … Naturally dairy free, this is sweet caramel brittle mixed with roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds for a savoury crunch and a natural pop of protein.
    • 2019 Great Taste Award-winning Peanut Brittle… packed with nibbed peanuts and finished with rock salt. But made with a homemade ‘butter’ from a secret FK recipe, including emulsified coconut oil and soya milk (we’re saying no more).

Weight: 125g | RRP: £6.50 (plus P&P)

  • Authentic Slab Fudge, made to an 1830’s core recipes, in the traditional way: boiled in copper pans over a naked flame, then poured onto a marble counter to cool, while being slabbed and loafed to break up granulation, resulting in the famous FK meltingly creamy centre and crisp coating…
    • Icy Vanilla Coconut Slab Fudge … made with coconut milk
    • Chocolate Classic … made with soya milk
    • Salted Caramel … made with soya milk

Weight: 175g per slice | RRP: £5-6 / per slice, £17 / 4 slice box, £22 / 6 slice box

  • Connoisseur Make-at-Home Kit (right) … everything needed to make and decorate 1kg of authentic slab fudge in three vegan friendly flavours: Chocolate, Plain and Toffee. Including sugar thermometer, branded apron, fudge making tools and full instructions. Just add soya cream or your preferred dairy alternative … and some elbow grease. The perfect experiential gift for the vegan foodie.

Weight: 1250g | RRP: £30 (plus P&P)

  • Chocolate Fruit & Nut vegan friendly Fudge … developed exclusively as an Own Label product for Selfridges and available in all Selfridges stores. See below for full details.
  • Chocolate vegan friendly Fudge  … made with homemade oat milk made from gluten free oats, blended with the finest 70% chocolate and Luker cocoa powder, this trailblazing treat features six single flavour fudge squares neatly lined up in a bronzed sliding tray. A perfect stocking filler.

Weight: 125g | RRP: £6.50 (plus P&P)

Availability for all: selected stockists, at and through Suma Wholefoods at:

The Amazon vegan hamper … with the universal FK guarantee of being hand made in small batches using all-natural ingredients and no palm oil; and gorgeously presented in a luxury, foiled Fudge Kitchen presentation box containing …

  • Six sachets of Drinking Fudge in Chocolate Classic, Ginger Spice, Sea Salted Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Orange flavours, ready to snip and squeeze into your preferred milk alternative.
  • Two 80g bags of Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Brittle and Rock Salted Peanut Brittle – hand stretched for 15 minutes for the perfect snap
  • A six-piece slider of vegan friendly chocolate fudge, made with homemade, gluten free oat milk.

Weight: 839g | RRP: £16 (plus P&P)

Available at:

The Fudge Kitchen vegan hamper … Meanwhile, on the FK site, an exclusive collection of vegan treats, presented in a luxury gift box, includes …

  • Two 80g bags of Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Brittle and Great Taste Award-winning Vegan Peanut Brittle;
  • Two sachets of Drinking Fudge in Salted Caramel and Classic Chocolate
  • A vegan friendly trio of handmade fudge in Classic Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate

Weight: 296g | RRP: £16 (plus P&P)

Available at:

Selfridges …

Chocolate Fruit & Nut Fudge … Fudge Kitchen has been producing own label confectionery products for Selfridges, including fudges, brittles and caramels, for four years.

Joining the merry throng, just in time for Christmas, is a Selfridges Selection vegan fruit and nut chocolate fudge bar. Handmade, vegan-friendly chocolate fudge, made with gluten free oat milk, packed with crunchy walnuts and succulent raisins, then hand drizzled with dark chocolate. Perfectly sized to slip into a stocking.

Weight: 200g | RRP: £9.99

Available: all Selfridges stores and online at:



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