The miracle behind Mr Lees Noodles

You are what you eat… Cliché or fact? While there is no denying that modern medicine can work miracles and save lives, I have seen time and time again how people have turned their lives around to beat physical and mental illness by changing their diets, their mentality and their routine.

Damien Lee was given just four weeks to live. His subsequent battle with Stage 4 cancer, and miraculous recovery process meant removing all the nasties from his diet during 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

The result? Not only is he now in remission but he’s used the clean eating know-how he learnt to launch Mr Lee’s Noodles, a guilt-free speedy snack with no artificial additives, preservatives, colouring, flavours, E numbers or MSGs. They are certified gluten-free by Coeliac UK and are the only cup noodles on the market certified ‘low in sugar’ by Sugarwise. Vegan options are due to be launched later on in the year to address this growing niche.

He is now teaming up with Seedrs to launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund international expansion. Bringing clean eating to the masses via an interactive vendor

“All through my life I have dreamed up and built businesses across seven different countries. These companies have been diverse in nature and some went onto to become very significant. However, I believe all these experiences were to prepare me for Mr Lee’s Noodles,” he said.

“Never before have I been so excited and believe so passionately in what I’m doing here. I know we can make a difference to people’s lives by the very nature of what they eat. I’m truly excited that through Seedrs we are now able to open up our company to people who believe in what we are doing and join in our exciting journey and what lies ahead for us.”




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