The benefits of wooden garages

The summer will soon be drawing to a close, and very soon it will be time to think about how you will protect your possessions from the winter weather. If you’re already considering installing a shelter or garage in your garden or driveway to keep your car or other items safe and dry, a wooden garage may be just the thing. Wooden garages are becoming extremely popular in the UK as homeowners seek out alternatives to the more industrial concrete or metal designs. This guide outlines some of the main benefits of wooden garages from the installation to its everyday uses and long-term maintenance to help you work out if a wooden garage is the right choice for you.

Wooden garages are multi-functional

High-quality wooden garages are much more than a storage unit for your car and other gardening or household items; they can also act as a large shed or workshop. They offer much better insulation than metal making them ideal for spending time in them working on DIY or hobbies. They can even be used for hosting garden parties or barbeques as a place to keep food and drink out of the sun.

Wooden garages have simple foundations

A key benefit which wooden garages have over metal or concrete is that they only need one slab of concrete as a foundation as they are lighter in weight. This makes installation quicker and cheaper than installations which require more labour. The concrete slab is essential if you plan to keep a car in the garage as it aids in distributing the weight of the car.

Wooden garages are straightforward to install

In many cases, a wooden garage can be installed in just a couple of days or even quicker if you hire professionals. Concrete garages take a lot longer to construct and metal garages also require significant foundations which can take up time.

Wooden garages provide natural insulation

Wood provides natural insulation properties, which means you’ll enjoy a warmer temperature in a wooden garage than a concrete or metal garage. You can also make holes in the wood or electricity cables and have very little impact on the garage’s insulation whereas, holes in metal garages can cause the surrounding metal to warp or rot.

Wooden garages are easy to customise, repair and maintain

It’s a matter of personal taste, but a wooden garage can look more in-keeping with a rustic aesthetic or traditional home than metal or concrete garages. If your metal shed is broken or starts to rot, it can be very difficult to repair the damage without significant time and money as large panels will probably have to be replaced. A wooden garage, however, is relatively easy to repair as individual panels can be replaced without any major structural work. In addition, with some simple maintenance, a good quality wooden garage should last for at least 10 years. You can also paint your wooden garage to update it or make it personal to your home and then repaint it when needed or when you feel like a change. Concrete is much more difficult to colour, and painting metal will usually result in peeling paint.



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