Sweet deal at Dolphin Shopping Centre

Honey from a Dorset shopping centre’s rooftop garden is now on sale. The Dolphin Shopping Centre homes a number of beehives and jars of homemade honey are on sale from centre management for £5 each.

All profits will go towards local charity, Chestnut Nursery. which provides support for adults with severe and enduring mental illness.

Honey, particular the fresh homemade variety, has many of theraputic benefits, while the bees help  with the pollination of local parks and surrounding pockets of floras and gardens.

John Grinnell, centre manager at the Dolphin Shopping Centre, said he was “delighted” to put homegrown honey on sale. “As a large organisation, we have an obligation to protect the environment and maintain a sustainable and commercially viable shopping destination,” he said. “Many of our operational and retail staff take an active interest in environmental issues and tending to the bees – they’re a firm favourite at the centre.

“Increasing biodiversity was a huge benefit to introducing the rooftop garden at the centre. As a highly topical issue, we were aware of the demise of the bee population and staff actively came forward with ideas about what they could do to help. The rooftop garden quickly flourished and we bought our second beehive in 2017.”

Angela Mansbridge, project manager at Chestnut Nursery, said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Dolphin Shopping Centre for their commitment to us. Thanks to the shopping centre’s rooftop garden, we are able to invite our service users to visit the Dolphin and encourage them to tend to the flowers and see how the honey is made. We have tried their honey and it is delicious.”

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The shopping centre created a rooftop garden in 2015 to address local environmental issues and to make the most of its unused space in an innovative way. The garden is now home to two beehives, housing thousands of bees and enabling the centre to create its very own ‘Rooftop Honey.’ 57 jars have been produced so far this year and another 50 jars will be ready over the coming weeks.



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