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Silicon Beach 2014 #silicon2014

The first day of Silicon Beach UK 2014 (#Silicon2014 @siliconbeachuk) was a massive success for both Bournemouth and the creative/digital industries as a whole. The day kicked off with one of the most stunning visual displays I’ve ever seen at a conference – Seb Lee-Delisle, a digital artist, deomnstrated his “light synth glo stick band” and the whole room got involved. Scroll down for a video.

Other highlights included compere Dave Birss, MD of, editor at large for The Drum and writer/presenter of His talk focused on how to handle creatives and get the best out of them. You see, we are all delicate flowers and need the right environment to produce our best work. And sticking someone behind a desk for eight hours a day is not always the way to do it!

To read more of his theorums, get your hands on his book Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief.

This was nicely followed by Nadya Powell, MD of MRY UK, co-founder of Innovation Social and Millennial Mentoring. She reminded us of the creatives BEHIND the creatives – the ones that “make shit happen”.

However my favourite talk was from Nick Farnhill, founding partner of Poke – what a coop to get him to Bournemouth! He spoke about finding and nutring talent, breaking down geographical barriers and scouring the country – in fact, the world – for the best creative minds. He had a gerat example of a Coca-Cola video made by a chap in New Zealand, for the fraction of the price of a large agency. Nick is one of the most respected people in the UK digital industry and he says “there is so much about Bournemouth that inspires me”. Us too, Nick.

Silicon Beach continues tomorrow.









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