Sasha interview: ‘Involv3r recording was surreal – New York went mental…’

Sasha Involv3r VIP album launch, Wednesday February 13 2013. Photos by Lindsay Barchan

Last night’s Sasha album launch took me back to a simpler time… mixtapes on cassettes, convoys from petrol stations, bomber jackets and smiley faces (on t-shirts as much as on your kisser). But he ain’t acid any more, no siree – Sasha’s latest album, the third in the Involv3r series, is cutting-edge house-trance with an electro air. Don’t call it progressive… please…

The music may surprise you but that may be because the recording process was more than a little dramatic. “We were working overnight for several weeks and I was thrown a few curveballs during recording it,” he said. “Hurricane Sandy hit New York: the city went mental and turned into Escape From New York for a couple of nights.

“It was a surreal experience – the family and I moved out of Manhattan because we were running out of food and water.”

But despite such survivalist tactics, Sasha says he is ‘very happy’ with the final edit and especially proud of its ‘amazing tracks by amazing artists’. He has worked with The XX, Ultraista, Keep Shelley In Athens, Little Dragon, while studio engineers Dave Gardner, Grayson Shipley and Josh Grant make the tweaks. “It felt like being in a band,” he said. “It was a total group commitment to make this happen.”

After two decades in dance, it takes a lot to impress Sasha but he’s ear-marked a few hot picks for 2013 and beyond. Blondes, he says, hark back to an analogue era that oldies like me can identify with. He also rates ThermalBear – “there’s a major buzz on him at the moment” – and Kicki Halmos, sings on his track ‘Shoot You Down’ and on Taragana Pyjarama’s ‘Growing Forehead’ – both are on the album.

Next up is the album launch proper at Ministry in March and we will be out in force convincing this Welsh wonder to bring his pal Digweed down to Bournemouth. For now, he is off to Dubai and the US, before raising the roof again at Ministry. “It’s an institution,” he said. “I’ve had so many great nights there. The sound system in that room is one in the best and just getting to play music on the system is an absolute joy.”



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