RSPCA calls for Dangerous Dog Act revisions

To sign the RSPCA’s petition or find out more about the #EndBSL campaign, go to

It’s now 26 years since the creation of the Dangerous Dogs Act – and one year since the RSPCA launched the #EndBSL campaign to highlight how hospital admissions due to dog bites are still on the rise.

The Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA)  Section 1 applies breed specific legislation (BSL) and bans four types of dog – the pit bull terrier, the Fila Brasiliero, the Dogo Argentino and the Japanese Tosa. BSL makes it illegal to possess or own any of the four banned types in the UK.

The RSPCA – the UK’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation – is calling on the Government to review the ineffective legislation and replace it with something that will better protect public safety and improve the welfare for all dogs affected by it.

RSPCA dog welfare expert and lead author of A Dog’s Dinner report, Dr Samantha Gaines, said: “Almost 80,000 people have signed our petition and want to see a review of this ineffective and outdated piece of legislation.

“Our campaign has also had support from experts and organisations around the world, showing that this is an issue close to the hearts of many people from many corners of the globe.

“Many believe that, ultimately, the law should be repealed and replaced with something that is fit for purpose – something that better serves to protect the public and which doesn’t punish dogs because of how they look, irrespective of their behaviour or whether they pose any risk to the public.”



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