Review: Secret Walls final with Vibez – congratulations Mr Christa

Secret Walls final, Saturday April 20, 2013, The Old Firestation. Photos by Shinobi Pictures. Words by Suzi Dixon. Photo gallery below. More photos to come – keep an eye on Facebook…

It was something completely different on Saturday as the grand final of Secret Walls invaded The Old Firestation, with the drum n bass boys of Vibez in the back room. The two styles of entertainment couldn’t be more different. You could chill out downstairs with the Beatbox Collective, followed by a pen-to-paper, man to man, epic art battle as Mr Christa took on Krishna Malla in the final of Secret Walls Bournemouth.

As for the backroom? Vibez brought their own form of art in immitable style. The breaks, beats and lyrical stylings were like paint strokes on a canvas and the final piece was a beautiful sketch of sketched-out rhythms.

In the art battle, home favourite Krishna Malla used one of his favourite characters in his gorgeous final piece. But the intricacy and imagination of Mr Christa simply blew me away – see above. Mr Christa was a clear winner from crowd roars and on the judges’ boards and it was a fitting finale to the Secret Walls story for 2013.

As the final got underway downstairs, Vibez resident and one of our favourites Benzo put the night firmly in fifth gear upstairs from the start, with Double L on the mic of course. It’s not easy for a night to change venues but this talented twosome filled the extra space in the Firestation and we especially liked the bars dedicated to our main snapper, Shinobi Pictures.

The night was headlined by local producer-made-good Krakota. There is real soul to Krakota’s productions – not soul as in soul music but soul as in something that comes from deep within his personality. His Sub Zero remix reflects this trait and something tells me this is not the last we have heard of Krakota – he is definitely on the up.

Stuff Ya Disco took the beats harder – so hard the MCs had to battle feedback at one point, until Double L stylishly moved a drunk who was interfering with the speakers out of the way. Lance would be a shit hot bouncer if he wasn’t already a shit hotter MC. Brecht wrapped the night up and it’s back to The Winchester for Vibez May 18th. It’s Cirque du Vibez so dig out your scariest clown costume for a night of high top high jinks.

Line up:

Stuff Ya Disco



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