Poverty in Bournemouth: now 20 per cent of children in trouble

Hard-working families are still experiencing poverty in Bournemouth, with one in four children struggling due to ‘government policies’.

 Action needed: The TUC is calling on all political parties to:

  • Raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour
  • Stop and scrap Universal Credit
  • Ban zero-hours contracts
  • Give workers new rights to join unions and bargain for better pay and conditions across industries

That’s the result of a TUC poll, which estimates that kids living below the ‘breadline’ has increased by 36,000 since start of the decade.

The report suggests that child poverty in South West working families rose to a total of 215,000 in 2018. That’s an increase of 20 per cent since 2010 when the number stood at 180,000 children.

They say that the cost of housing, particularly in wealthy areas such as Bournemouth, plus government cuts to in-work benefit have been a key driver behind the increase.

In 2016, the Conservatives abolished the Child Poverty Act and scrapped targets to reduce poverty.

TUC Regional Secretary of the South West Nigel Costley said: “No child should be growing up in poverty. Yet many parents are struggling to feed and clothe their kids.

“And in parts of the region, growing up in a poor working household is becoming the norm. That’s not right.

“The Conservatives’ cuts to in-work benefits have come at a terrible human cost. As too has their failure to tackle insecure work and get wages rising across the economy.

“We need a government focused on helping working families, not more tax cuts for wealthy donors and hedge funds.”




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