Police tasers: Independent candidate has his say

By Dan Hardy, Independent PCC Candidate

I read with great interest that Dorset Police have received extra funding for more tasers. I know from 14 years as a policeman (and six of those authorised to carry firearms and a taser) that tasers will play a vital role in keeping both our officers, and the people of Dorset, safe. Nearly 10% of Dorset police officers are considering leaving the Force, so I wholeheartedly support anything that improves their ability to protect themselves, the public and detain offenders.  However, piecemeal funding for essential kit cannot fix the wider problem of police funding.

On top of 10 years of Conservative cuts, the current police grant model means Dorset receives the lowest police funding per capita of any county in the UK. This should deeply concern all Dorset residents. As Police and Crime Commissioner, I would lobby as strongly as I can for this to change.  A strong, independent Commissioner not connected to any political party is the only way to ensure that Dorset Police has a strong voice arguing for its fair slice of the pie without external political influence that can divide communities and cause distrust. It is experience, not party politics, which will make Dorset the safest county in the UK.

You can read more about my pledges on my website:




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