Pay by mobile to park in Bournemouth

They estimate as many as half a million people visit Bournemouth over the Christmas – well, we have good news for you. You can now pay for your parking with a phone app, PayByPhone – and the company has reported that more than
80,000 transactions per month in the area, and that 84 per cent of users rely on the app to pay for their parking.

• Winter Gardens is Bournemouth’s busiest parking location, particularly
between the hours of 11 am and 1pm. Arriving in town early or waiting until
later in the day will increase chances of finding the perfect parking spot.

• Also close to the town centre but perhaps less known is the Berry Court car
park on St Peter’s Road, which tends to have more availability during the busy
times of day.

• Free parking in selected Council-operated car parks will be offered all day
Sunday and Thursdays after 4 pm, from 25 November until 23 December.

• Set out with time to spare in case unforeseen road closures or traffic jams
occur on the way.

• Need to stay longer? The PayByPhone app allows users to extend their
parking sessions from anywhere. Drivers who paid with a ticket can also start a
new session with PayByPhone when their parking time expires. Just
remember to make a note of the location number.

• Remember to never leave pets or children in the car unattended.

Gary Powell, Head of Highways and Transportation for Bournemouth Borough, says,
“Our town centre offers wonderful attractions and great shopping during the Christmas
season every year. December can be a hectic time for drivers, but the PayByPhone
app helps make the parking experience so much less stressful.

“Each parking session can be started and extended in a matter of seconds, which means that users don’t
need to carry cash or rush back to their cars to feed a meter. It’s nice to know that
people can enjoy a relaxing day of Christmas shopping in Bournemouth without
having to dash back and forth to their cars.”

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