Parking in Bournemouth: your guide for summer

By Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Dorset-based luxury garage door supply & installation specialist CDC Garage Doors, who were consulted over the information in this post

parkingWhether you’re visiting relatives, you’re finally taking that trip to the beach or you’re planning on browsing Bournemouth in search of great shopping deals, like any busy city it can be a nightmare to find the perfect parking space. Not only do you want a great spot, you also want to look at factors such as price, whether or not the car park is covered, whether you have a minimum or maximum length of stay and more.
We’ve put together a comprehensive list of most if not all of, the available car parking spaces in Bournemouth (at the time of writing), as well as directions and post codes for those with navigation devices for their cars. Hopefully, you can get some good use of it when you next visit Bournemouth!

Free Parking – Supermarkets
Asda – Situated on St Pauls Road, directly opposite Bournemouth Train Station, this multi-storey car park allows for a maximum of 3 hours free car parking for customers only. If you want to explore the surrounding area, simply start or end your trip with a bit of grocery shopping at the Superstore.
Tesco – Located just off Poole Road near the Bowlplex and the Victoria Education Centre, visitors and shoppers can enjoy 3 hours of free parking in the Tesco Superstore car park. Again, the car park is for ‘customers only’ so just grab some lunch and you should be good to go.

Pay & Display Street Parking
Prices are subject to location but usually range between £1 and £1.50 for up to an hour. Some parking spaces allow for a maximum stay of only 1-2 hours with no return within 1-3 hours depending on their location, others allow for up to 11 hours parking.

Check the BournemouthGovernment website for more detailed information on charges and stay rates. You can pay with cash or through PayByPhone.

The following roads provide pay and display parking spaces;

• Bourne Avenue (BH2 6DJ)
• Braidley Road (BH2 6JY)
• Derby Road (BH1 3QB)
• East Overcliff Drive (BH1 3AD)
• Gervis Road (BH1 3EE)
• Glen Fern Road (BH1 2LU)
• Hinton Road (BH1 2EF)
• Lansdowne Crescent (BH1 1RU)
• Lorne Park Road (BH1 1JL)
• Marina Towers (BH5 1BJ)
• Madeira Road (BH1 1QS)
• Manor Road (BH1 3BY)
• Meyrick Road (BH1 2PR)
• Old Christchurch Road (BH1 1DR)
• Richmond Hill (BH2 6LT)
• Upper Hinton Road (BH1 2HH)
• Lansdowne Road (BH8 8HS)
• Wootton Gardens (BH1 1PW)
Car Parks Available in Bournemouth
The list of car parks in Bournemouth is pretty extensive, which gives motorists no shortage of choice when looking FOR parking;
• Alum Chine Car Park (BH4 8HS)
• Alumhurst Car Park (BH4 8EL)
• Bath Road North Car Park (BH1 2EW)
• Bath Road South Car Park (BH1 2EW)
• Beacon Road Car Park (BH2 5BW)
• Berry Court Car Park (BH1 2LD)
• BIC Car Park (BH2 5BH)
• Central Car Park (BH1 2HH)
• Cotlands Road Car Park (BH1 3BG)
• Cranmer Road Car Park (BH9 1JU)
• Durley Chine Car Park (BH2 5JG)
• Durley Road Car Park (BH2 5EU)
• Eden Glen Car Park (BH2 5AU)
• Glen Fern Car Park (BH1 2LZ)
• Hawkwood Road Main Car Park (BH5 1BY)
• Hengistbury Head Car Park (BH6 4EN)
• Kings Park Car Park (BH7 7AF)
• Landseer Road Car Park (BH4 9HJ)
• Lansdowne Road Car Park (BH1 1RZ)
• Leslie Road Car Park (BH9 2JH)
• Madeira Road Multistorey Car Park (BH1 1QQ )
• Milburn Road Car Park (BH4 9HJ)
• Overstrand Car Park (BH5 1BN)
• Palmerston Road Car Park (BH1 4HN)
• Pavilion & Westover Gardens Car Park (BH1 2BU)
• Princess Road Car Park (BH4 9HJ)
• Queens Road Car Park (BH2 6BE)
• Richmond Gardens Multistorey Car Park (BH1 1JD)
• Richmond Hill Surface Car Park (BH2 6EP)
• Riverlands/Wick Lane Car Park (BH6 4LF)
• Seabourne Road Car Park (BH5 2HA)
• Solent Beach Car Park (BH6 4DX)
• Southbourne Crossroads Car Park (BH6 3NH)
• St Stephens Road Car Park (BH2 6JP)
• Town Hall Annexe Car Park (BH2 6EA)
• Undercliff (BH5 1BN)
• Warren Edge Car Park (BH2 5PG)
• West Hill Car Park (BH2 5PG)
• Winter Gardens Car Park (BH2 5AQ)
• Woodside Road Car Park (BH5 2BA)
Private Car Parks
There are a number of privately owned car parks located throughout Bournemouth that set their own prices. They are as follows;
• Avenue Road Multi Storey Car Park (BH2 5SL)
• Glen Fern Road Multi Storey Car Park (BH1 2LZ)
• Hinton Road Multi Storey Car Park (BH1 2HH)
• Richmond Hill Multi Storey Car Park (BH2 6EP)
• Terrace Road Surface Car Park (BH2 5NN)

Parking for Coaches and Lorries
Both the Queen’s Road and the Kings Park Car Parks provide spaces for coaches, although only the Kings Park Car Park provides spaces for Lorries. For the Kings Park Car Park take the Kings Park exit on the A338, crossing the roundabout into Kings Drive, where the car park should be up the road and on the left, past the football pitch.

For Queen’s Road, leave the A338 at Bournemouth West Roundabout then at the next roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Poole Road. Take the next right onto Queen’s Road opposite the Hannah Levy House Trust, and the car park should be there on your left.

Parking for Motorcycles
There are a number of car parks in Bournemouth which have allocated spaces for Motorcycles to park there. One benefit of using these spaces is that you do not need to buy a parking ticket in order to park there. However if you park your motorcycle in a space designated for cars, you will have to buy a parking ticket, so be careful! The following car parks have motorcycle spaces:
• Alum Chine
• Bath Road
• Beacon Road
• Central
• Cranmer Road
• Durley Chine
• Eden Glen
• Glen Fern
• Hawkwood Road Main
• Leslie Road
• Overstrand
• Richmond Gardens Multi Storey Car Park
• Warren Edge
• Winter Gardens

Prices for each car park are subject to change, although a quick Google will help you to find out the exact prices per hour on car parks you might be looking at. Having a comprehensive knowledge of the local car parks, as well as the places where you can get a few hours free parking, certainly helps when visiting Bournemouth. Have fun on your day out, whatever you decide to do in the end!



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