Open Sauce: ‘Networking on steroids’

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All businesses big and small need to know the value of networking. Even in today’s digital age – and even if your business is solely online – people still like to work with people that they’ve met in person.

80CE4B84-2C8C-46B3-A4DE-7A5F3B168E25-1741-0000013E466EA038_tmpAs Dorset’s most famous web entrepreneur Matt Desmier says: “They like to see the whites of your eyes.”

Dramatics aside, Matt makes a valid point about growing a business in the digital age. You can’t hide behind your laptop; if you want your firm to grow, you need to go out and meet people.

Open Sauce is a quarterly event to meet this need, an event that uses games, social media, a magazine, talks and a relaxed atmosphere to help the most reclusive among us widen their horizons in Dorset.

Matt has chosen the perfect venue for the 2017 meetings. Canvas, on Poole Hill, has a stage for speakers, gorgeous decor and also the means to keep the clientele, as Matt puts it, ‘well lubricated’.

“We cater for the bold, the curious and the ambitious,” Matt said.

“We’ve chosen to only meet quarterly so it’s an unmissable event. We appreciate people are busy. We hope to reinvigorate networking, moving away from simply swapping business cards towards giving people something to talk about.”

Anyone can take the stage to offer advice to fellow business owners; as such, nights are exciting and unpredictable – a bit like Matt himself!

It’s the perfect blend of traditional networking and digital nous.

Matt points out that he has been working with “Mr Canvas” – James Maidment – for years and his input and expertise is pivotal to the success of the Sauce going forward.

The next Open Sauce at Canvas takes place on the third Wednesday of February.

To buy tickets see www.canvasbournemouth.com




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