Now 60 per cent of keyworkers say they feel more appreciated: poll

In these unprecidented times, we are focusing on positives, not negatives. One of the best things to come out of the COVID-19 crisis is the new-found respect for our emergency services and NHS heroes.

What’s more, people of all ages are considering care worker jobs to contribute their time. Also, retired professionals have returned to fire fight during the spike in Coronavirus deaths. While the elderly have been discharged back to care homes without testing, the virus has been spread. Yet still these angels and archangels go to work. Respect.

Let’s not underestimate the contribution from delivery drivers, supermarkets and takeaways. Yes, I’ve upped my takeaway intake, and my BMI. So what? I’m happy and healthy and so is my family.

A new YouGov poll has found that six in ten UK key workers (60%) feel more appreciated than ever, which (according to a separate report by has resulted in a 67% surge in searches for key worker jobs.

  • Healthcare workers topped the list with three quarters (76%) stating they now feel more appreciated than before the COVID-19 pandemic started
    Healthcare key workers feel most appreciated resulting in an 82% increase in healthcare job searches
    Overall search volume for key worker job roles rose by 67% during the lockdown
    Delivery Driver Jobs searched for the most with +475% in the last 90 days
    The report echoes the results of the 2020 Key Worker Nation Report from

The report analyses the last 90 days of Google Search data for 24 key worker roles finding that overall search volume for key worker job roles rose by 67% with the 10 most-searched roles increasing by 164%.



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