New Year essentials: part 1 – silk bedding

The turkey’s long gone, the Champagne bottles are in the recycling,  the guests (God bless them) are battling traffic to get home.

So take a deep breath – and relax. Now’s the time to think about YOU.

We don’t believe in diets or costly gym memberships. Just a few savvy investments in home, hair and beauty can help you feel tip top in no time.

Look out for ideas and recipes throughout January to help you make 2019 your best year yet.

Silk Bedding Direct

I stumbled upon this cute company on Twitter and have been so impressed with their pillows I’ve bought two.

Not only are they super comfortable and ideal for my allergies, they also keep my blow dry neat. Perfect for speeding up any morning routine.

Here are three perfect pillows, in various sizes, from £65. Available from Amazon BUT check out for January offers.

You can actually see thr mulberry silk inside. And for asthmatics and sensitive types like me, good news – bed bugs don’t live in silk!

So for a beautiful sleep, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have silk bedding! Duvets and accessories are also available and check out their website for styling ideas.

Fact file
Besides its sheer luxurious comfort, mulberry silk-filled bedding has a number of great benefits over other types of bedding, the main ones being:
1. Totally clean and hypo-allergenic – dust mites, bed bugs, etc. cannot live in mulberry silk;

2. 100 per cent natural – the mulberry silk is used in its natural state. No chemicals or anything else is added or;

3. Contains the protein sericin and several amino acids that actively delay skin ageing and nourish and protect the body.

4. Composed of natural properties that promote relaxation in the central nervous system. Absolutely ideal for bedding.

5. Maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature. Mulberry silk breathes and wicks away excess heat and moisture if we become too hot but retains heat on colder nights keeping us snug and warm. 

6. Enjoys a longer life as it does not degrade or fall apart over time.



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