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New salsa nights launch at Canvas TONIGHT

Canvas are relaunching their popular weekly salsa classes with a ‘street cuban’ twist. As well as salsa for beginners, improvers and advanced dancers, you can also try ‘rueda’, known as the salsa wheel. Popular in Cuba and Miami, the rueda involves couples dancing as a group in a circle.

One dancer, “The Caller”, provides hand signals or calls out the moves which will be executed by every couple in the circle simultaneously. It’s easy to follow and great fun. The classes launch tonight, April 6, 2018.

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Admission is £8 per class or £12 for two classes. Weekly on Thursdays, 10.30pm until 1am.

8pm until 10pm Salsa classes for Absolute Beginners & Beginners; 8pm until 10pm Two Hours of Rueda De Casino with Carlton.

Music from DJ Enrique Perez.

Rueda – a fuera This Rueda workshop is danced with the focus switched to the outside of the wheel. You will learn the basics of “a fuera” as well as some figures, which are especially nice, when dancing to the outside.

Rueda – de la Calle This Rueda is fun and funky with short, quick moves with a bit of a twist incorporating some of the familiar standard rueda moves.

Rueda – con Afro/ Rumba This Rueda workshop has elements of Cuban Rumba and Afro Cuban dances, this workshop will give you the basic knowledge of these dances and movement.

Rueda – en la Linea This Rueda workshop is a special form of the Rueda, in which the couples do not dance in a circle, but side by side in a line.

Rueda – Contra Tiempo/Son Rueda This Rueda workshop is danced to Son Music. You will learn how to dance to the Son beat (contra tiempo).

Rueda – Cruzado This Rueda workshop will be divided in two groups, one group dances on one, the other group dances on five in one Rueda circle.

Rueda – Dos Ruedas/ llantar This Rueda workshop will teach you a special expert way to dance Rueda in two circles.

Rueda – Espejo This Rueda workshop is a bit of a brain tease brings you back to when you was a beginner in this format the men start on the right feet and the women on the left in short it’s like looking into a mirror.

Rueda – Dos Mujeres This Rueda workshop teaches the men how to dance with two women. Men will be introduced to doing a Rueda with two women and special calls.

Rueda – Dos Hombres This Rueda workshop teaches the women how to dance with one man. Women will be introduced to doing a Rueda with “two men” and special calls.

Rueda – Travesti This is another fun type if rueda when the lead and follower switches role in the rueda and switches back using different rueda transitions so men if you have never played the female role here’s your chance.



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