Morebus is back! New timetable from May 31

Good news for beach lovers. Morebus are increasing social distancing measures so they can provide an increased timetable from May 31. An increased timetable will make life easier for your daily exercise and return to work and is much appreciated in the current COVID-19 crisis.

The firm said: “We encourage you to follow the official guidelines when making a journey, including wearing a face covering, travelling during off-peak hours, only paying by contactless or mobile app, and making sure you adhere to social distancing on-board where possible.

“In order to maintain social distancing at Poole Bus Station, there have been some stand changes. Some stands have been moved to Kingland Road and Seldown Coach Park. See each route and the map below to see which stand each service will leave from.

“We thank you for your continued patience during these challenging times and pay tribute to our drivers, engineers, cleaners and all other colleagues who are working incredibly hard to keep the wheels turning.”

Download PDFs of your essential timetables here: https://www.morebus.co.uk/increased-services-sunday-31st-may



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