More ideas for Father’s Day – coffee by post!

As we all minimise supermarket visits, online shopping is ideal for special occasions. With Father’s Day coming up next month, how about a speciality hot drink subscription service to help Dads on lockdown?

“Our subscription service is a great way to show busy Dads that they’re appreciated,” said founder of Lost Sheep Coffee, Stuart Wilson.  “Knowing they have some decent, eco-friendly coffee always at their fingertips is one less thing to think about.  The subscription is extremely flexible, so you can tailor the gift to your budget and requirements by selecting the quantity and the frequency of the service.”

Lost Sheep Coffee’s Nespresso® 100% compostable, plastic-free capsules and their speciality hand roasted coffee beans.

From £18.75 per month, simply choose from either a box of 50 or a bulk package-less box of 100 compostable capsules – there are three varieties, one of which is a decaf – to be delivered automatically as often as needed with time scales ranging from 14 – 60 days.

The subscription service is also available for the following Lost Sheep whole bean coffee varieties: their best-selling signature blend ‘Get to the Hopper’; Brazil – Cachoeira; Colombia – El Tambo; and Decaf – Colombia, from £7.16 per month for a 220g bag, with its industry-leading fully recyclable packaging, including the bag.  For the small office users, a 1kg bag subscription is also available.

Here are some of their products, from just £3.95.


  • Smooth Journey (£3.95 for single purchase pack of 10 x 5.6g pods)1: “Your Daily Coffee.”

This speciality coffee is described as tasting of smooth chocolate fudge body with a light hazelnut finish.

  • Funky Camper (£3.95 for single purchase pack of 10 x 5.6g pods)2: “Your Curious Coffee.”

This speciality coffee is described as tasting of sweet Irish cream with a rich body and mulled winter fruits.

  • Living the Dream (£4.20 for single purchase pack of 10 x 5.6g pods): “Your Decaf Coffee”

This speciality coffee is described as a Big Bold Body, yet amazingly smooth with no need for additional sugars.

Coffee Beans:

  • Get to the Hopper (£7.95 for single purchase 220g bag):

This speciality coffee with milk is described as having a big creamy body with chocolate caramel notes and a light acidity to finish. Without milk, expect a rich jammy body with hints blackberry and milk chocolate




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