Money saving tips for women

Summer is coming and we want to shop! Free up space in your spending budget for a few new-season splurges by saving money elsewhere.


Make your make-up last longer. Have a make-up bag clearout and separate any dried out goods. Use the wand from old mascaras as an eyebrow brush and add a drop of nail varnish remover to dried-up nail colours – give the bottle a shake and it will have a new lease of life.

Cut foundation tubes in half and use cotton buds to access the remainder of the product.

If you still feel the urge for a make-up top-up, check out magazines for freebies. Covermounts are common in summer as titles compete for the holiday market.


It’s beach time and, if you want to shape up that bikini bod, there’s no need for expensive gym membership.

The great outdoors can be your gym. Think short bursts of high intensity exercise. Head to Bournemouth or Boscombe pier and use the zig zags. Run up two, walk down one – be sure to stretch thoroughly before and after.

A few classes are a great way to give you tips and routines to add to your outdoor workout. Look out for deals online.


Aren’t mates’ birthdays expensive? Once you factor in cards, gifts and a night out, you are left with little change from a £100 note.

My advice on this budget buster is to be as honest as possible with your friends. If things are a little short, don’t feel obliged to spend a fortune. Split the cost of a card and gift with another friend. Avoid group meals where the bill is divided equally regardless of how much you ate. Look for birthday offers at Bournemouth bars, where they do brilliant group deals. For example, sign up for a Walkabout Boomerang card and book online for deals including queue jump, drink vouchers and free entry.

Suzi says: Keep a spending diary for a week to see where those little extras – shop-bought coffee, cigarettes, magazines – are scuppering your savings.

Give up your daily indulgence for 21 days then splurge on something fun, like a manicure or meal out. It takes 21 days to give up a bad habit and you’ll have more money in future, too.

I gave up magazines and newspapers and read them online instead. I saved £31.20 and spent it on a £10 spray tan and £13 fish pedicure. I had enough leftover for a couple of books, too. Result!




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