Lush: New Soap Record plays Happy Birthday

Boris Johnson is giving daily updates on how to best to avoid the spread of coronavirus – COVID-19 – Lush has released an innovative ‘soap record’ to promote healthy hand washing,

Even before the Prime Minister unveiled his COVID-19 action plan, Lush labs were working on a Snow Fairy candy bubblegum soap with a moisturising rapeseed oil soap base, which plays Happy Birthday. It was initially inspired for Lush party shops so children could listen and then break it up to wash their hands with while singing to the birthday boy or girl. Mira Manga & Rhodri Marsden perform the song which was also produced by Rhodri.

Made in a similar way to a regular vinyl record, the music is first cut onto a lacquer disk and a metalwork created from that. Then, at the final stage, the soap base is poured onto the metalwork and set to create a soap record that plays!

It is currently only on sale at Lush’s flagship shop in Liverpool, with plans to roll out to other key shops as soon as possible. This will be particularly effective for children who are confused and scared by the current, and ongoing, coronavirus crisis.

The new innovation joins Lush’s range of 25 bar soaps currently available online, including previously discontinued 13 Unlucky for Dirt – a rose and oregano soap originally made for nurses which has just been brought back to meet customer demand for effective, antibacterial soaps.

From July-Dec 2019 Lush sold over 4million pieces of soap globally. UK customers bought around 600,000 of these – that’s one piece of soap every 30 seconds and almost 10% increase in quantity vs the same 6 months in 2018.



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