Learn how to make REAL bread

March marks Real Bread week and we’ve got our hands on some fab how-to videos to demonstrate how easy it is to make your own loaf at home.

Jane Mason (jane@virtuousbread.com), author of three books about bread, set up Virtuous Bread nearly 10 years ago – in fact at the same time the Real Bread Campaign was established – to make it fun and easy for people to make, buy, and learn about good bread.  Since then the bread landscape has changed immeasurably and those of us who have been at it for the past decade are delighted to have played a part in “moving the needle” on the sliced bread in a plastic bag market.

People are still a bit freaked out, though, by yeast and indeed by the whole baking process. To that end, Jane made a series of four lovely videos (short too!) on the bread baking process.  They are all on VIMEO.

1.  How to proof yeast

2.  How to knead

3.  How to shape a basic loaf of bread for a bread tin

4.  How to know when the bread is done



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