How to style your home to boost property prices

With many of us using lockdown as time to do DIY and decorate, you may well see the fruits of your labour with an increase in your house or flat value as the property market gradually reopens.

Bankrate.com/uk analysed 10 of the most popular décor designs and hundreds of house prices on Zoopla to determine which interior design style adds the most value to your home.

With shops reopening on June 15, it’s time to seek out those all-important finishing touches to dress each room ready for viewings.

According to the research, Scandinavian styled homes are valued at £340,224 more than the average UK house!

If you dream of life in the country – including an Aga – you won’t be surprised to hear that ‘Farmhouse’ was second in the poll.

The report found that at an average of £521,398 on Zoopla, it is £289,543 more than the average.

For similar reasons, Rustic interior décor claims third place with an average of £516,952 – £285,097 above the country’s average. Think natural colours, baskets, quality wooden furniture. It’s also a style that won’t date, whether or not you sell your home.

Interior style could add to your house’s value:

  1. Scandinavian – +£340,224
  2. Farmhouse – +£289,543
  3. Rustic – +£285,097
  4. Bohemian – +£283,819
  5. Vintage – +£273,973
  6. Contemporary – +£269,292
  7. Mid-century modern – +£238,539
  8. Minimalist – +£220,594
  9. Industrial – +£165,079
  10. Traditional – +£115,24

Fact file

*Bankrate entered the ten biggest interior design styles into the keyword section of Zoopla’s property search and calculated the average prices for houses in the England containing each interior décor, ranking them from the most valuable to the least as of May 2020.

According to Land Registry’s House Price Index (HPI) and correct as of March 2020, the average house price in the UK is £231,855.

See the full blog post for more information here: https://www.bankrate.com/uk/mortgages/interior-designs/



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