Guest blog: reduce stress, reduce belly fat

It’s summer and everyone is shrinking – well, at least we are trying to shrink. The cold spring has worked in our favour, allowing us to load on the jumpers and gillets, but in no time – it’s bikini time. Gulp. Local trainer Jango Alptekin has been doing his best to reduce our belly fat but for all the diet plans and Pier workouts, there’s one element of the programme he can’t do for us. That’s reducing stress.

“I listen to peoples frustrations and think get a grip and get on with it – and I’m sure others have thought the same with my silly stressed out situations,” he said. “Now, take a deep breath in and relax because what you are about to discover might just help you consider how you manage your stress levels or what you ‘think’ is making you stressed, there’s a big difference.

“When we are exhausted, depressed, have low motivation, poor concentration and cravings we end up reaching for stimulants to get us through the day and on top of no exercise, poor diet, poor sleep are added stressors. This increases our stress hormones leading to suppressed sex hormones, increased insulin levels equalling, muscles breaking down, slower metabolism and your body storing fat fast!”

Here are Jango’s top 10 tips for reducing stress. We’re off to try them ourselves…

1.     Cut out sugar completely!

2.     Increase your protein intake

3.     Increase your vegetable intake – mentioned in part 1

4.     Eliminate processed foods.

5.     Exercise 3-5 times a week

6.     Eat 3 meals a day and add the odd snack in a couple of times a week and try not to miss out breakfast. I did a cool video on this a few weeks back!

7.     Drink lots of water

8.     Get a goodnights sleep. Read more about it here

9.     Reduce stress so take some time out – Relaxation is KEY for weight loss!

10. Supplement your diet.



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