Giants walk among us

big-show-andre-trophyDo you think wrestling is all fireworks, froth and frivolous action? Think again. Giants walk among the WWE roster (world wrestling entertainment).

Negative attention has been given to The Big Show (Paul Donald Wight, right) for his gradual decline in wrestling skill and ability, largely due to ageing. With chants such as ‘’PLEASE RE-TI-RE’’, it’s obvious that the fans know of this too – but is it right for a veteran to quit while he’s ahead because the fans think so, or carry on at his own accord?

Can he carry on? His recent Wrestlemania 31 win would suggest that he should.

Paul Wight is a popular wrestler who, at the age of 43, with three children, won the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 31. Andre the Giant was similar to The Big Show in a lot of ways but seems to get a lot of backlash for things Andre was praised for.

Just like Andre, Wight had a disease of the endocrine system called acromegaly; this is a hormonal disease causing Big Show to be 6ft 2 (1.88m) at the age of twelve and 7ft 1 (2.16m) by the time he was 19 years old. This gave his wrestling persona a huge boost in popularity and the nickname ‘’The Giant’’ and ‘’Son of Andre’’ at the beginning of his WCW career in 1995 – and that was when he had hair!

10 years on, The Big Show has been given a lot of negative attention due to his slower and overall less impressive fighting skill compared to his younger self.  Chants against Wight have been adding to the heat when comparing himself to Andre The Giant , saying that he is better than Andre in terms of fighting skill… But does he have a point?

Compare Andre in the Wrestlemania three matches against the iconic Hulk Hogan to any recent Big Show event. Despite Andre’s superior character and popularity, The Big Show seems to be faster and harder hitting , whereas Andre just dwindles and staggers waiting to be body slammed by the Hulk. So why does nostalgia make the difference between a wrestler being loved (Andre) and a wrestler being hated simply for ageing (Big Show)?

And did you see at Wrestlemania when Big Show went over the rope but hauled his bulk back in? That’s athleticism, peeps.

At this stage of Paul’s career, it is expected for him to start losing it at the knees. But the contrast in performance between the veteran Big Show and legend Andre The Giant has been similar, the wrestling community seems to have very different views about these two alike wrestlers. There’s nothing stopping Paul from becoming the next Andre The Giant so come on! Give the old Big Show a chance.

After all, he looks the part…



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