Get fit for free in time for summer with Jango Fitness

Wanted: guinea pigs to trial Jango Fitness’s new 10 in 21 fitness programme. It’s an exercise:nutrition:life coaching, all-round approach to fitness that has already helped hundreds tone up and get sexy in the Bournemouth area.

Jango’s just opened a gym on Holdenhurst Road and has programmes for yummy mummys, fit dads, singletons and students.

Forget the Christmas binge and the January diet: eat well every day for more energy. Jango recommends starting the day with a Super Green Smoothie. Simply blend half an avocado, with a handful of watercress, one large banana, coconut milk to taste, a pinch of cinnamon and six almonds and flaxseeds. Buy ingredients in bulk to save on shop-bought juices – and ditch that daily takeaway coffee!


Jango says: “We’re loving the vibe at the gym and would love to invite you to our friendly transformational community

When you first start off, motivation and confidence levels are at an all-time high but at some point things begin to get harder.

“You can choose to let your thoughts overwhelm you or you can choose to accept what you are feeling and CHANGE your ACTION.
“When you have discouraging thoughts, you have a very simple choice…
  • “Give up
  • Fuck it off
  • Cry like a 5 year old OR…
  • “Own up
  • Grow up
  • Respond to doubt with a response that is goal aligned!”

More training tips and meal ideas are available at

To apply for the 10 in 21 programme, click


Women apply here >>jangohealthandfitness
Men apply here >>




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