Five top tips for selling your property in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is beautiful. It’s recognised as one of the best coastal towns in the UK, and its stunning scenery attracts thousands of visitors every year. The proximity to New Forest, excellent water sport opportunities and buzzing town centre offer entertainment of every form, and it’s no wonder that people from all walks of life choose to make Bournemouth their home.

It puts you in a very fortunate position if you’re looking to sell a home in this seaside town any time soon. Extortionate prices and a thirst for a simpler life are encouraging house-hunters to leave the larger cities and find their place on the coast, and a few simple steps can ensure your home gets snapped up quickly.

Understand your market

People don’t arrive in Bournemouth simply because they dropped a pin in a map, and understanding your buyers’ motivations will help you move your house quicker. Your home might be perfect for the young couple taking their first step on the ladder after graduating from Bournemouth University, or ideal for a growing family escaping the city. Work with your estate agent to determine the most probable buyer for your home, and make sure you tailor your home accordingly.

bournemouth-beach (1)Curate the Pitch

The first place you can use your knowledge is in your property listing. Your estate agent will do most of the work for your adverts, but it won’t hurt to give them some personal highlights of living in the property, or the local area. Maybe you’re around the corner from a highly recommended restaurant, or your bedroom gets a stunning view of the sunset. Tell your agent so they can let your prospective buyers know about any delightful hidden features, right off the bat.

First Impressions

Once you put your house on the market, it becomes a billboard. Local house-hunters will be driving past for a first look of what’s on offer, so it’s vital to keep the street-visible areas of your home looking as perfect as possible.

Before pitching the “For Sale” sign, complete any big jobs you’ve been putting off. Check the condition of your roof and windows, and address any issues that might be flagged by a surveyor. Be particularly critical of your front door, and clean, mend or replace it so it looks its best. Don’t forget the garage, as it’s a huge selling point. Hire a professional from Bournemouth’s leading garage door supplier to repair a faulty mechanism, or install a new one to instantly add curb appeal and value to your property.

Once you’re ready for viewings, hire a power-washer to clean paths, driveways and exterior walls, and keep fences and gardens well maintained. Lastly, make sure your house number is easy to read from the road, so potential buyers know they’re at the right place.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Good indoor staging will make it stand out against the competition for all the right reasons, particularly if you can do it in time for the visit from the estate agent’s photographer.

The first measure is to go through each room, and determine what will help or hinder the sale. Clean, well-proportioned furniture in neutral colours can stay, but anything looking a bit tired (or in a distracting, garish colour) should be put into storage. The same goes for ornaments, trinkets and even clothing. Your buyers will be looking for large rooms and plenty of storage, which will be emphasised by having a clutter-free home. Use this as an opportunity to start packing, but don’t store anything in your garage – your viewers will want to have a look in there, too!

If you have a spare bedroom or reception room, don’t show it off as a confusing, multi-purpose space, even if that’s how you currently use it. Could it be a bedroom? A home-office? A snug? Work out what your target audience is looking for, and present the room accordingly.

Finishing touches

A few subtle tricks will make your home seem more inviting, and can help you close the deal faster. For example, a sense of “freshness” helps to sell a home, so pick up some cut flowers, and get an appetizing fruit bowl on your kitchen counter. Open some windows, and store any pet baskets out of sight.

You should have already decluttered, but make sure your house still looks like a home. A few well-chosen, presentable accessories will make each room feel lived in, like a nice hardback by the bed, and a fluffy white bathrobe over the door.



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