Five Key Pieces of Software for Businesses

In recent years, technology has become integral to the ordinary running of a business, with many companies being reliant on software applications to boost their business operations. Technology can be a great aid to businesses of all shapes and sizes who are looking for assistance with both simple and more complex tasks, and the aid that applications can provide is vast, with software for everything from storage to project management. To ensure that your business can stay up to date with the best and latest technology, here are some of the key pieces of software that every business needs. 

1. Cloud Computing 

The Cloud is a term that relates to internet-run software that is managed on a decentralised server rather than on a local device, such as your business computer. Cloud computing can help to provide solutions to major issues for small businesses, including storage. It is important that you know how to find the best cloud software, from cloud-based versions of word processing systems, to website builders such as WordPress. However, the main advantage of the Cloud is the provision of storage, allowing you to keep information in a secure, remote place – this can form a backup in the event that data is lost from your computer. You can access the advantages of cloud software through companies like Bytes, whose provision of Microsoft cloud software is linked to their software reseller capabilities, allowing you to also resell cloud services. 

2. Project Management Software

Project management software is an excellent option for larger businesses which have multiple projects or tasks running in parallel at the same time. These software applications allow you to manage all requests in one place, organising deadlines and planning the performance of tasks in advance, in order to ensure that projects can be completed on time. They also allow you to share calendars and contacts with your employees, allowing everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the completion of your projects.

3. Accounting and Financial Trackers

Not only this, but the best accounting and financial trackers can do wonders for the financial management of any business. Accounting and finance trackers can perform a range of useful tasks that can defy your need to hire an accountant, including preparing for the end of the tax year and calculating payments, producing easy invoice templates, tracking your expenditure, and even analysing cash flow predictions, which can allow you to make adaptations to any annual financial targets. 

4. Communication Applications

It is important for businesses to stay connected, and communication applications can help you to stay accessible to both your B2B clients (such as suppliers and manufacturers) and your customers. Some of the best communication applications include video conferencing apps, such as Skype for Business – which allows you to conduct business meetings from any location with internet access – and instant messaging apps, which allow work teams to stay in contact with each other.

5. Digital Marketing Platforms 

However, no business can be successful without an evolving digital marketing campaign. Now, there is an assortment of excellent software to help you to both run and manage your campaigns on one platform, such as social media managers that allow you to post and plan content remotely. Many digital marketing software applications also track the success of these campaigns, such as through highlighting the traffic of your website, and drawing your attention to any weaknesses that are preventing you from meeting your online targets. 



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