Fake it ’til you make it

Why buy when you can rent? A survey finds that Brits are more than happy to lease luxurious items to boost their wardrobe and add a touch of celebrity style to their Instagram feed.

The poll, commissioned by, found 81% of the people they questioned would be happy to lease or rent a luxury item to avoid making an expensive outlay in order to get what they want.

Nearly three quarters (72%) confessed to wanting a luxury car; two thirds (66%) dreamed of owning designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, 40% said they would consider using services that allow them to rent items for one off occasions.

They would also rather pay monthly for mobile phones, tablets and laptops (95%).

Top tips to fake it until you make it and live like a rich kid

  1. Rent designer clothes – sites such as and, will let you hire designer dresses for special occasions at a fraction of the price.
  2. Lease a car rather than buying outright – cars drastically drop in value as soon as they leave the forecourt so money is lost straight away. Leasing the car you want will take the hassle out of purchasing a car.
  3. Rent your diamonds – if you only need to sparkle for special occasions, sites such as and will let you hire luxury jewelry.
  4. Own the latest Tech – Apple and PC World offer payment plans to help you afford the latest tech
  5. Hire Sports Equipment – it can be expensive taking up a new sport or hobby. Hire or rent equipment rather than buying them outright



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