Don’t buy a pet for Christmas; this is how much it’ll cost you!

Any sensible person knows Christmas is NOT the time to be buying pets. Emotion can overcome reason and, come 2017, shelters will be full of abandoned festive animals.

But did you know the top reason for pets being abandoned after Christmas is actually the cost of their upkeep? has also created an infographic which reveals how much the UK’s estimated 13 million pet owners spend on their animals on average.

This is particularly relevant this years as  Google searches for, “boxer dog for sale” are increasing by 160% year-on-year following the heart-melting advert from John Lewis, which has received over 21million views around the world.


It’s so sad BUT if you are a pet owner already who can offer a loving home and have the finances for their upkeep, shelters want to hear from you.

Linda Cantle, Director of Animal Welfare at Wood Green said: “We appreciate that people sometimes have to make the difficult decision to give up their pet, but our doors are always open for anyone needing support, advice, or help rehoming a pet. This Christmas we’ll be looking after over 650 animals who are desperately seeking new homes and we would love to find them their own living rooms!  Please get in touch if you can offer a loving home.”

Top reasons Christmas pets are abandoned:

  •          Cost (
  •          Lifestyle changes
  •          Allergies
  •          Owner’s ill health
  •          Pet grows up

The UK’s most expensive pets

  • Tortoise: £27,787 over 75 years
  • Small dog: £19,224 over 15 years
  • Large dog: £17,234 over 11.5 years
  • Medium dog: £16,828 over 11.5 years
  • Cat: £12,322 over 16 years



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