Doctors ‘have concerns’ about lockdown

Our hard working GPs have worries the way we all do. But in these unprecented times, do they have enough resources?

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the BMA Council Chair said:

“When thousands of doctors are telling us they continue to have little or no confidence in being able to manage the levels of demand for care from patients without Covid 19, it begs the question, ‘What evidence is the Westminster government using to believe that normal NHS services can resume?’”

“Last month the Government insisted that before lockdown was eased, the NHS must be able to cope. These results clearly show that doctors on the frontline feel this is not the case. The BMA is regularly surveying doctors across the UK and this is the second time they are telling us about very low confidence levels.”

“The lowest level of confidence is for managing demand in the community – care homes for example – with 69% saying they are not very or not at all confident. And in terms of patients being able to have tests, scans and other diagnostic type treatment, around 60% of doctors said they had little or no confidence that demand could be properly managed.”



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