Do you prefer crafting to sex???

image002We get a lot of surveys here at BNI towers but one this morning really made us giggle. It claims women over 24 are more likely to spend time doing crafts than having sex when they want to relax.

Ladies, I think you’re doing it wrong…

The poll to mark the launch of Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses, the new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Carole Matthews, found 18% of women over 24 who were surveyed craft to de-stress while only 8% have sex.

The results revealed that not only do three quarters (77%) of women feel stressed, but more than a third (36%) feel more strained than ever before due to the events of 2016, such as Brexit, Trump and financial uncertainty. So much so that nearly half of women (45%) are seeking new ways to relax in 2017.

Now we love a good adult colouring book but come on… really?

Behavourial psychologist Jo Hemmings said: “In these stressful times, it’s natural that we turn to activities that not only give us a sense of purpose and achievement but also allow our minds to switch off from anxiety and relax.

“With information and news bombarding us at every level, and not all of it being what we might want to hear, the brain needs to ‘de-strain’ and replenish its energy reserves with more rewarding and pleasurable activities.  The focus and enjoyment from pursuing a craft activity of our choice is the perfect solution to calm and de-stress us.”

Research was carried out by OnePoll with 1,000 women aged 18-50.



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