Detox, nightmares and bleach

So I thought isolation would be easy. Like lots of freelance writers, we are used to locking ourselves away on deadline. But not seeing my Mum, Dad, nieces and nephews every day, including my birthday, is really hurting me. I want to check they are OK and let them know that I’m OK. Selfish I know.

Spending so much time alone sends your mind spiralling. I’m lucky, I was already on the radar of a fabulous counsellor. I’m missing groups but speaking to people I’ve met through them every day. Could be WhatsApp, Twiiter, text. I’m not good on the phone, I bumble like Boris.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel lonely.

I hate to say it but it’s true for a lot of people – don’t judge. I call it SSS – no shoplifting, stealing or spirits. When I lived elsewhere in Wiltshire all three were a daily occurance. When I tried to reason with them, I got punched. I even got punched recently chasing someone who said he was going to do something silly. Don’t worry, I got right back up, but green bruises really don’t go with my make up. Thank Goddess for my sparkly beanie hat.

So if you are struggling in isolation like me, or know someone who is, here are some resources. Remember, isolation may have escalated a fault that you may not have noticed before. Help is available 24/7.



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