Collaborative Business Ideas For 2019

Collaboration is more important than ever for the modern business model. As workforces become more remote and mobile, and stakeholders and customers become a global entity, that widespread dispersion can make collaboration increasingly difficult to achieve.

As a result, the modern business environment is in need of a number of collaborative tools, innovative business ideas, and resources that can promote, aid, and foster more streamlined communications and interactions. If you want your team to remain connected, then the following innovative solutions may be the answer to your collaboration issues. Look at where your connectivity is the weakest, and use the best applications that suit your model, and your collaboration will synchronize in ways you never dreamed of.

Shaking up your meetings

For low-tech solutions to collaboration, changing the way that you conduct business meetings has to be your first priority. The boring meeting has become a cliché of the business world, and every industry all too easily falls into the trap of unproductive meetings. There are trends of the last year that may be worth adopting, and the walking meeting remains the most commonly used. Walking meetings are just what they sound like. Rather than sitting in a boardroom, get everyone to go for a stroll as you discuss the day’s agenda. This helps because:

  • It helps to break down barriers between different ranking members of the team
  • Physical activity is good for physical and mental health
  • Nature is inspirational
  • Improved collaboration as larger groups can mingle more effectively than when sitting around a table

People spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. Getting out into the fresh air can transform the dynamic of your company and revitalise your collaboration.

Discarding legacy infrastructure

If your business has been trading for a while, then the chances are high that you are using outdated legacy infrastructure. From business processes to out of date technologies, it’s imperative that you upgrade. Fortunately, cutting-edge technologies mean that rather than replacing old hardware, much of your needs will be covered by apps, software, and cloud technology.

Integrating an online cloud HR system can speed up your processing ability without the need to invest in expensive hardware that will be out of date as technology overtakes it. Cloud-based technology is fast-becoming the most important business solution of the digital age, and your business is going to need it if you want to promote collaboration and keep ahead of your competitors. Cloud technology allows you to:

Be more flexible – You can access it wherever you are in the world, and so can your workforce.

More adaptable to growth – Scalability is far easier using cloud platforms instead of having to upgrade servers and hardware.

It’s easy to use – Even the most tech-phobic employee will be able to adapt to cloud use easily.

Cost-effectiveness – There is no need to invest in expensive hardware in order to use cloud technologies, and you will have constant updates and upgrades as they are released.

Collaboration trends are prone to rapid change. That’s simply because there are always new technology solutions to try and the fact that collaboration is so essential. Streamline your collaboration with these two methods, and your business will be far stronger as a result.



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