Cleaning hacks: use store cupboard items to make your home shine

  • Seven easy-to-use natural drain cleaners
  • Seven DIY homemade carpet cleaners

Cleaning ‘hacks’ is a relatively new phenomenon, where people use the power of the internet to share – often surprising – tips and tricks for sprucing up your home. Here are five spring cleaning ideas that will cost you just pennies. Ideal for a dull Sunday afternoon.

Blinds Hut say that if you follow these hacks, you’ll save over £25 every time it’s time to do your monthly clean. That’s £300 every year!

Candle wax prevents mould from growing on tile grout.
Price: 99p                            

Alternative: £5 (Domestos Grout Cleaner)

Remove mould from your kitchen tiles with candle wax. Of course the kitchen is a humid hub of the house and you need to protect the walls. Rub candles into the grout, covering all mould – this will effectively seal in the filler. Candle wax is perfect to protect areas in which water is used regularly, as it won’t dissolve if it happens to get wet.

White vinegar is great for removing gunk and rust.
Price: 29p                             

Alternative: £2 (Mr Muscle Cleaner Spray)

Want sparkling taps in your bathroom and kitchen? Just grab white vinegar and a cloth (dilute vinegar with warm water.

Blinds Hut recommend using a toothbrush if you need extra scrubbing power.

You can also use white vinegar and salt to remove rush from an iron.

Ice cubes remove annoying furniture leg indentation on carpets.
Price: Free                              

Alternative: N/A

I’ve just experienced this myself while moving house. The carpet is littered with annoying dents that chair and table legs leave; but with the help of some ice cubes, your carpet will be back to normal in no time. Carpet fibres absorb the water and fill the dent. Take as many ice cubes as you need – after all, it’s free and easy!

Lemons can be used as a natural disinfectant in every room.
Price: 35p                          

Alternative: £1.99 (Mr Muscle Cleaning Spray)

I love lemons – for cooking, for detoxing, for a refreshing drink and, now, I find out they can also be used as a surface cleaner throughout the kitchen and bathroom.

Just strain the lemon juice into a spray bottle and mix with vinegar and water. Ensure that you shake well before using. Lemon also has the added advantage of leaving your home smelling great! And is even better than the sterile smell of bleach.

Baking soda  to remove stubborn stains.

Price: 69p

Alternative: £1.99 (Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner)

I can also vouch for this – I have started using baking soda in the kitchen to clean pans, sterilised the sink and clean the shower head. Simply sprinkle a light coating on your wet sponge and scrub for the best effect. Your home will also benefit from smelling fresh after using baking soda as it neutralises both ammonia and acidic odours.



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