Carers are the ‘true unsung heroes’ right now

Make your nomination today! Carers’ Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. Across the country, coming together in the theme of thanks during a time of isolation is one of the ways we can collectively show our gratitude to those risking their lives to save others.

As we celebrate heroic feats of frontline workers during the health crisis, personal biography-writing service, StoryTerrace highlights the selflessness of carers from around the country. Through the Unsung Heroes campaign, StoryTerrace has received hundreds of nominations of everyday acts of kindness happening around the country during the lockdown – including a few fantastic stories of the selflessness of carers.

StoryTerrace has documented the life stories of everyday people around the globe – uncovering stories that otherwise would have most likely been left buried within families for generations. One such tale is the story of Carmen Cunningham, who retrained as a carer at the age of 62 in order to provide a helping hand during the pandemic.

A dedicated carer who retrained and returned to service at age 62

Carmen Cunningham has worked for the British Red Cross for nearly 20 years, looking after elderly people as they came out of the hospital and helping them reacclimate to everyday life. she lost her husband and father, she went to live with her mother who she personally cared for until her death. Realising that she still had more to offer, she decided to retrain as a carer during the COVID-19 crisis at 62 years old. According to her sister, who nominated her, “she is compassionate, kind and blames no one for her circumstances – she has dedicated her life to giving.”

Please see Carmen’s nomination here:

 Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace comments:

“As millions around the globe are currently stuck at home, many of us are feeling nostalgic and reminiscing – and at StoryTerrace, we believe that sharing stories can be one of the most therapeutic ways for us to connect in this difficult time. We have been been overwhelmed by the acts of kindness and selflessness from around the country during this time, and are paying tribute to these heroes through the ‘Unsung Heroes’ campaign.

It’s stories like that of Carmen Cunningham that have the power to uplift communities and bring positivity in a confusing time. Through StoryTerrace, I have learned that above all, that a sense of community is vital for our mental health and wellbeing—and preserving and reminiscing on our own life stories is so important to our happiness. Documenting memories and the emotions attached to them allow us to share and reminisce on our personal tales – and everyone has a story worth sharing.”

Fact file

StoryTerrace is a company which connects everyday people with professional ghost-writers, meaning that everyone can have their life story, or the life stories of their loved ones, documented in a professionally curated autobiography, biography or series of memoirs. They have a network of 600 professional writers worldwide, many of whom are critically acclaimed, and provide a range of packages to suit each individual life story.



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