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It’s fair to say that Home Bars have somewhat grown in popularity over the last decade, and when you look at the benefits behind owning your very own bar, it’s easy to see why.

Of course, there are the initial investments costs to begin with, not to mention the fact there’s no barmaid to collect dirty glasses and clear up spillages, but as far as cons go, that’s about it.

No surprises here – the Americans were the first to enjoy the benefits of a Home Bar. It is believed that the idea of a bar within your home originated from America in the 1940’s, where a more affluent and social lifestyle was the norm. Naturally, their popularity increased in the UK after the war, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s.

By the 1970s and 1980s, home bars had died a death. Pub life and discos became the preference and ‘going out’ was the priority. However, by the turn of the century, all this was set to change thanks to contributing factors like the smoking ban, inflation and general saftey.

So how did these once forgotten home accessories manage to gain such a prestigious following again? Apart from the fact that the rise of the Man Cave during the 2010s played a huge role in raising their popularity, when you look at the benefits of owning a Home Bar, there’s no denying these are the must have home accessory of the future.

In a world that’s gone health and safety mad, let’s address the safety aspects first. For a start, there’s no drink driving issues. None.

No elected teetotal driver that begrudges every beer your down during the night. No fall out with your partner over who’s not drinking that evening – that in itself has got to win the argument hands down?!

For the smokers amongst us, the decision to smoke inside or out, lies entirely with yourself with a home bar. Whilst the dangers of smoking should never be forgotten, there’s no denying it’s a breath of not so fresh air to be in charge of one’s own destiny for once.

We can’t do anything about shivering in doorways but at least if you are a believer in smoking outdoors when at home, you won’t have to face the judgemental looks from non-smokers as they exit the pub.

A vital bonus when it comes to the safety of a home bar has got to be the lack of a punch up outside the kebab house at the end of a night. Assuming you come from a fairly functional family that won’t dissolve into a Jeremy Kyle type mess after a few drinks, it’s fair to say, the chance of getting your head kicked in whilst you order your partners chips and curry sauce are greatly reduced by enjoying the pleasure of a home bar!

You’ll just have to get the chips delivered.

Health and safety done, let’s move on to the economical pros.

First off – no babysitters. While excessive use of alcohol when in charge of children, albeit sleeping ones, is not advisable, an enjoyable glass or two with your better half is totally acceptable. Plus, there’s no clock watching, expensive hourly rates or awkward drive home to dispatch said babysitter at the end of the night. Win win.

Now let’s not forget the ever increasing bar prices you face on a night out, and that’s without addressing the expensive trauma of being drawn into an ever increasing ‘round’. Whilst a Home Bar does warrant a trip to your local supermarket to stack up on preferred beverages, it’s a dead cert that those costs will be a damn sight cheaper than your average night out.

Taking into account the regular grievances faced during a night on the tiles, it goes without saying, these issues are completely eradicated by a home bar. In a nutshell – no queuing at the bar, no last orders, no vomit enhanced toilets, no bad DJ toleration, no visual violation from the heavy petting couple in the corner, no dodgy chat up lines and as long as you stocked that bar up well beforehand, no chance of running out of your favourite tipple.

If that hasn’t convinced you, then perhaps the fact that there really is nothing better than entertaining from the comfort of your own

home will. Home Bars make a fantastic focal feature in any room and always get the conversation flowing. All that aside, the one point we forgot to mention is status given to those in possession of a home bar – cool doesn’t quite cover it, and we all need a bit of that in our lives.

TOP PICK: Massey Ferguson Tractor Bar Table – As functional as it is handsome you’ll never run out of uses for this. Spec – Toughened glass top Beer bottle storage, Hanging glass storage. Adjustable feet. Original Headlights (not working) Storage Drawer. Beer and glasses not included. £2,100.

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