Brewhouse & Kitchen relaunch: new safety measures

Brewhouse & Kitchen in Southbourne is now open! New safety measures have been put in place to protect customers and staff, including online ordering, hand sanitising stations, discreet screens and marked areas to maintain social distancing. What’s more, by easing the pressure of service at peak trading periods, Brewhouse & Kitchen are encouraging guests to book their visits throughout the week in order to relax demand and avoid risks of over-crowding. 

For staff, measures include: extensive training to ensure that they are safe while serving, temperature checking- making sure to confirm that they have no symptoms, as well as masks and visors being available.

Kris Gumbrell, CEO of Brewhouse & Kitchen said: “These months during lockdown have been incredibly difficult for everyone, but in particular for those in the hospitality sector. In order to overcome these difficulties and try to get to a new normal, it is our main priority at Brewhouse & Kitchen to reopen calmly and considerately, making sure that the wellbeing and safety of our staff and customers is the main priority. 

“As one of the very first hospitality groups to have gone into lockdown before the official government legislation, we are hoped to ensure that our community of staff were taken care of in the best possible way, and our various programmes allowed us to do exactly that. The Being Human series, 5 pillars of Wellbeing seminars, bereavement services and our mental health awareness activities gave us the means to ensure that our employees were coping in the best way they could during these circumstances. Fortunately, our teams did not need to make use of some of these services, but as pillars of the community, we have taken the responsibility to reflect on what is important to us and our teams and build a series of support structures to help our staff through this period. 

 “Above all, the fundamental offer of Brewhouse & Kitchen; our great beers, food, unique experiences and terrific service will continue to be at the heart of what we do. Upon reopening, we are hoping that our customers and staff feel welcome and safe at our brewpubs, and we will endeavour to do our utmost to maintain this feeling of community and care.”




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