Bournemouth: highest casualty rate of cyclists outside of London

Frightening figures suggest that for all its natural beauty, Bournemouth is actually a lethal place to live if you are a fan of cycling. A report shows that for those using the ‘pedal cycle’, it is actually the most dangerous place to live outside of London.

This comes at the same time as a £62million government campaign promoting cycling.

Local blogger Luke Williams (@alukeonlife on Twitter) came across the figures after a discussion at the Bournemouth Cycle Forum gave him pause for thought. Luke points out that an analysis of the stats show that Bournemouth is the worst performing town with the highest casualty rate for cyclists per 100,000 population outside of the capital. This is over 2005-2010. In a blog post entitled ‘I don’t want to die…’ Luke urges Bournemouth residents, on two wheels or two legs, to do something about this.

“I felt I had to write a blog about it, in the hope that maybe you’d find it quite scary stuff too and maybe… just maybe, we could put some pressure on the councillors to do something a bit quicker than they are now,” he writes.

“Actually, I don’t blame them entirely: I think we need to tell our colleagues, neighbours and friends to stand up and say ‘this isn’t acceptable’ too. The councillors have said they want Bournemouth to become more sustainable: have the residents cycle more, use their cars less but seem to suffer from a form of ‘I don’t want to risk upsetting my voters’ NIMBYism when it comes to ACTUALLY doing anything… pity.”

Head over to Luke’s blog to leave a comment if you agree. And emailing your local councillor to ask for a response to these figures couldn’t hurt, too. You can find their details here.

NOTE: the National Statistics casualty data used is accidents/injuries per 100,000 not fatalities.



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