Autumn fashion picks from £8

Autumn = sorted! Just add your favourite jeans, some skinny white T-shirts from Next, some Primark vests and your favourite sloppy jumpers to this little lot and you will be bang on trend wherever you go in Bournemouth. And it sounds like we might be in need of a little retail therapy to cheer us up! As schools re-start and work re-boots, The Sleep Council has found that ‘Stresstember’ can send your blood pressure soaring. Its latest research shows millions of people are caught in a vicious cycle of stress and sleepless nights with September identified by health professionals as being a stressful month for many. Add in a dose of SAD and worries about saving for Christmas and it can be a pretty low month for many.

Said Neil Shah, director of The Stress Management Society which is supporting The Sleep Council campaign to highlight the problem of stress and sleep: “In our experience September is the beginning of the Stress Calendar: the kids are back at school, the summer holidays are officially over, the weather is starting to change and we have to wait until Christmas for the next public holiday.”

Their survey found that, in the South West:

  • 74% say they suffer sleep problems when stressed
  • Only 34% of people say they are a good sleeper (UK Highest)
  • 33% say they are regularly, frequently or always stressed
  • 27% say a good night’s sleep helps relieve stress
  • 72% have suffered from a sleep disorder

So if your pay packet allows, hit the high street and grab yourself a little something something to keep you warm, cosy and feeling fabulous.





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