An Energy Saving Calendar Checklist For Businesses

Planning ahead is a good idea in most areas of your business, not least when it comes to saving money on energy bills and helping to protect the environment (even if just a little). It’s this time of year that we should be planning for the cold spells that lead to the spikes in energy usage and associated costs over the winter months. Below you will find a calendar checklist you can refer to so you can efficiently plan ahead.

Reviewing the last 12 months

Report your emissions: Measuring and reporting your energy usage not only helps you to understand how you might be wasting energy (and money), but it also helps the wider business community and the government to figure out how best to meet greenhouse gas emission targets and ultimately improve business energy use.

Analyse previous bills: Learn from last years bills, have a look at how you used your energy over the previous year and see if it informs your strategy for the coming winter. It might be time to look for a more cost-effective provider. Luckily, you can use an expert service like Tritility to help you do exactly that.


Check your pipes: Cracked or frozen pipes are an unnecessary expense. Make sure you have properly and efficiently insulated them against the icy conditions.

It’s getting darker: So you’ll be using more lighting and appliances. Make sure everybody remembers to turn everything off at the end of the day.


Keep heating under control: Did you know, for every degree of overheating, you can add 8% to your energy costs? 18 degrees is about right (although the debate rages on) but test and reduce accordingly.

Christmas holidays: Are you closing over Christmas? Is everything turned off? Are you heating an empty building?


Happy New Year: Is everyone returning to a comfortable environment? Plan ahead to get the balance right in these colder months, especially after the building has been left unheated over Christmas.

Motivating resolutions: Make sure everybody is on board with your energy saving plans and protocols for the next 12 months; perhaps reward their efforts.


Jack Frost is coming: So is the snow and dangerous road conditions: Do you have a plan in place for emergency logistics? Do your staff know what your winter weather policies are?

Winter accessibility: Parking, signage, customer facilities and lighting are all compromised at this time of year; have you made provisions for these? Safety and comfort of staff and customers are paramount in the darker, colder months.


Clocks go forward in March: It’s time to make sure you adjust your heating and lighting appropriately.

When I’m cleaning windows: It’s a good time of year to make sure the sunlight can get in through any windows. After all, sunlight is free! So get them professionally cleaned and make the most of the natural light over the spring and summer months.

Review your progress: Just as you did at the start of the winter season, take the time to review how your energy efficient efforts performed. How can you improve things next year?




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