A taste of Dorset in Japan

Imagine flying all the way to Japan to be offered a cup of Dorset Tea? Well, that’s now a reality, as Wimborne-based Keith Spicer, the flagship company behind the supermarket favourite has partnered with Japanese retailer Seijo Ishii.

Dorset Tea Golden Blend and a variety of its fruit infusions will now be on sale in a country that makes a real ritual out of tea drinking. The brand is popular with British expats, of course, and will also be stocked in Tokyo’s train stations targeting the young and affluent ‘on-the-go’ Japanese commuter.

Seijo Ishii has stores located throughout Tokyo. It also stocks British brands such as After Eights, Daily Milk chocolate, Marmite and marmalade.

Commenting on the export news, Dorset Tea’s head of marketing Lisa Worthington said: “International trade is alive and thriving in the south west, and we are thrilled to be contributing to the wider economy and increasing awareness of Dorset as a county – across the other side of the world.

“Our brand is very much focused on every day escape, the rolling green hills and refreshing country breeze and to announce that Dorset Tea will now deliver the natural life, colour and vitality of Dorset to the tea drinkers of Tokyo is a fantastic achievement. We think it is going to be well received.”

Fact file

Dorset Tea Golden Blend is available from selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA stores, with selected fruit and herbal infusions available in Tesco and ASDA. For more information, visit




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