5 top tips to sort out your Finances

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With life being so busy it can seem that no matter how hard we work money never seems to be in any more of an abundance, so maybe it’s time to have a good look at your finances and see where it is we are going wrong. This quick guide will show a few ways where we can easily see where some small changes might make a big difference.

Save Money Regularly

This one seems obvious but if we can manage to save money from each pay cheque, even if it’s just a little, it gives us a buffer for any emergencies that may come up and it also gives you a mindset of being careful with money that is amazing how much it can really help in all of your budgeting. If you can get saving and have healthier finances it can really help with your mental state of mind, and ensure a happier family life for all.

Make Sure The Future Is Secure Financially


It’s vitally important that you look at the future for you and your families security, happiness and quality of life. Writing a will, Pension & Life Insurance are three of the most important financial things to be on top of for the long term. You should have a will drafted to make sure that in the event of you passing on your finances are known what to be done with. For your retirement it’s good to have a pension in place as early as possible and then your income will be secure in your retirement. Life insurance is very key as in the event of something tragic and unexpected the rest of the family is covered, these things can be easily checked with a service such as Moneyexpert.com.

Check Your Bills & Outgoings For Overpayments

It’s important to regularly check your bills and outgoings to ensure you are not overpaying for anything and you can also see if you have any regular subscriptions or memberships you don’t need anymore. If done regularly then it’s easy to see any fraudulent transactions as well so that these can be quickly reported.

See If Are Due Any PPI Repayments

We’ve all heard of PPI and it’s so easy to just ignore it because obviously all those TV and radio ads are lawyers looking to make money out of us, right? Well yes that’s true about the lawyers but doesn’t mean you are not entitled to refunds, in fact you can easily check and claim yourself without a solicitor taking a huge cut, so take a little time to check it out and it could net you a huge windfall and sort out a huge refund.

Ensure You Are Not Missing Out On Benefits

With everything else it’s surprising how many people are eligible for benefits and quite simply aren’t claiming them. It’s really easy to check what you’re entitled to and should take no more than about 5 minutes.




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